The Group

We have a proven track record of over 25 years in the vehicle administration industry in SA. Our services include: (1) personalised number plates, (2) vehicle queuing services, (3) traffic fine management and (4) traffic fine systems development.

The Company

Name: Barry Berman    Founder: Mekaish Group in 1994

It took 3 years of intense lobbying & negotiations which culminated in the business getting the green light which made Personalised Plates a reality. The first Province to embrace this opportunity was KwaZulu- Natal then the Western Cape and Gauteng followed by all the other Provinces.

Barry initiated the opportunity to manufacture, purchase, resell, transfer low digit, unusual and/or personalised Cape Town Number Plates to car enthusiasts & collectors alike thereby giving motorists the ultimate personal choice in expressing themselves, marketing their brand or just having a laugh. Additional vehicle administration services were soon added including; license renewals, and car registrations, roadworthiness, number swaps etc.

In 2008 the company’s continual innovation and organic growth led to the decision to create a separate traffic fine division, using Mekaish’s cutting edge proprietary software, systems and expertise.

Another division was then rebranded - Fines SA was born, to service both individuals or fleets. Join our platform that offers a unique Fine Status Report, via 250 Municipalities nationally with up to 50% discount on all fines paid, and we pass on your receipts.

Barry Berman
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The most comprehensive way to check, save and pay traffic fines to over 250 Municipalities nationwide. Save up to 20% on Outstanding Fines.


Plates is a national company marketing Personalised Registration Numbers (PRNs) and Special Registration Numbers (SRNs) in South Africa.